Support LT

People power is vital to the continued health & longevity of this special organic model. We’d love to see your support in a variety of ways, including: help with communications, volunteer coordination, finance organization and input.


One of the most joyful & immediate ways you can become a Friend is to join our Ambassador team. Ambassadors are the hosts of Last Thursday. Roaming the street during LT in colorful shirts, Ambassadors provide education and outreach to ensure the event runs smoothly. We have before, during & after shifts, so if you participate in LT—we hope you do!—there’s still a slot for you. Of special need is the post-LT community support window from 9-11p.m.. Sign up for our next Ambassador training.

Next Training: No Ambassadors needed, this event is no longer in our community’s hands thanks to Mayor Hales.

Alberta Businesses and Property Owners:

Alberta Street is an especially unique destination place. Our street attracts tourists and Portlanders alike because of the fantastic shops, bars and restaurants but also because we have a identity as a thriving arts district! For good or bad, Last Thursday on Alberta has helped define our district. We have 15-20,000 visitors on Last Thursday on our peak months.

It’s time for the business community to become more a part of this monthly event too! Friends of Last Thursday is focused on making the event be more about art, good times and our community. Our Facebook page gets thousands of hits “Like” us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and we will share and repost your Last Thursday openings, specials and events.

Last Thursday is an economic engine on Alberta Street, help keep it alive and community organized by:

Advertising your business on the Street Ops vehicle that drives down the center of Alberta Street twice during the event. (only available to Alberta Street businesses)
Make a Contribution through Paypal
(cost of each month is $3,800) This was the cost when this community ran the event. Mayor Hales is currently paying $16,000 each month.
PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Open your business to bathroom use
Take a bag of garbage on Friday (Multnomah Co. Community Clean up crews come through every Friday afterwards and need to put litter someplace)
You will be recognized on this site and all over social media for all your support but most importantly Last Thursday just won’t be the same if we don’t pay for it with community support.